With the release of our new Xperios software underway there’s so much we want to share with you
about the features and services on offer. We like to keep you up-to-date on everything Xperios via our
social media channels, but sometimes it’s hard to keep an eye out for posts.
That’s why we’ll be sending out the Paritor Review as a regular breakdown of our latest software
features and social media activity from the past week. These emails will also include a more
comprehensive exploration of our post topics.
Just dip into your inbox to discover more…
Easy Attendance Tracking Tools
The new Xperios system lets users create
register keys within the software so that
teachers can use them in the Paritor Live
Portal. The My Teaching view of the portal is
exclusively for teachers and offers a variety of
tools for tracking attendance and more!
Notes of Interest Feature
We’ve included a Notes of Interest Feature in Xperios which can be set up to appear on users live portal views.
By clicking on the pencil icon in the portal, users can access notes of interest and let services know what they’d
be interested in seeing run, whether tuition, trips, events, etc…
Straightforward Teaching Comms
The My Teaching View of the Paritor Live Portal offers
a range of different features to support learning. This
includes the Communications tab, where teachers can
send messages to several students within a scheduled
session at once. This eliminates the need to search for
the right contacts. Simply select a session, select your
contacts, and send!
We’ll be sharing more from our social channels soon! In the meantime check out for more
information and don’t forget to stay connected…